So, several months after the release of episode 1 of our Mormon history podcast (and, in fact, several months after the recording of episode 2), the show has now been finished up, in terms of sound editing and so forth, and is ready for release! Download the episode here, or subscribe to the podcast by clicking the link in the right sidebar. In this episode, Serenity and I focus on the Law of Adoption as practiced during the 19th century. The best study on the Law of Adoption is Gordon Irving’s 1974 piece, “The Law of Adoption: One Phase of the Development of the Mormon Concept of Salvation, 1830-1900,” in BYU Studies 14 (3). We also mention a relatively recent tabloid news article focused on the Law of Adoption, available here.

We really do intend to release episodes on a somewhat more regular basis! The next episode will focus on the Mormon experiences of William and Wilson Law. Please post any questions, comments, or corrections in the comment thread below!