Please forgive if this is old news…I just stumbled upon this news story today. Basically there is a lifelong member of the LDS church in the Washington D.C. area who is “legally and lawfully married” (via Canada) to his gay partner…and is facing potential disciplinary action from the Church. The church action makes sense, but this still is an interesting legal/procedural issue for the church, not to mention the PR aspects. For instance, as more and more gay marriages are legalized–will the church continue asking gay folks to resign their membership, or will we find a way to let them participate (partially at least, or even fully) in a welcoming, comfortable way? Tough stuff indeed.
Hellmut contacted me late last year to see if I wanted to do a podcast w/ Mr. Jeppson. I’ve put in an email to Hellmut, and am waiting to hear back.

This should be interesting to follow.